Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales" Submissions Open September 1 to November 30th, 2010

For Immediate Release

(Calgary, Alberta) EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is delighted to announce that "Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales", is now open for submissions.

Submissions open September 1, 2010 thru November 30, 2010 ONLY.

This edition of the award winning series of original Canadian Speculative Fiction comes with a twist and touch of whimsy.

"We've decided to do something different with Tesseracts Fifteen." said Brian Hades, owner of the EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing imprint. "This volume will focus on Young Adult Speculative Fiction - which can include science fiction, fantasy, and horror. However submissions must appeal to the YA audience and be PG-14 in content. As usual, Tesseracts Fifteen is open to both short fiction and poetry submissions."

Each Tesseracts anthology since volume one (1985) has featured editors hand picked for each particular volume. For this volume, Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor have agreed to co-edit.

"We seek wonder and astonishment." said the editors. "Stories that engage the imagination, inspire dreams, and leave hope in their wake." Both Czerneda and MacGregor want all Canadian speculative fiction writers to "write what will become the classics for a new generation of readers, to be remembered, fondly, for years to come."


The Tesseracts anthology series is open to submissions in either English or French: from Canadians, landed immigrants, long time residents, and expatriates. French stories must have been translated into English prior to submission.
The theme for Tesseracts Fifteen is Young Adult Speculative Fiction (includes science fiction, fantasy, and horror). Submissions must appeal to the YA audience and be PG-14 in content. Tesseracts Fifteen is open to both short fiction and poetry.
The maximum length for stories is 5,500 words, with shorter works preferred.
Submissions deadline is November 30, 2010.
Inquiries and submissions can be sent to
Detailed guidelines are available at


The first Tesseracts anthology was edited by Judith Merril. Since its publication in 1985, 240 authors/editors/translators and guests have written 483 pieces of Canadian speculative fiction, fantasy and horror for this series. Some of Canada's best known speculative fiction writers have been published within the pages of these volumes - including Margaret Atwood, William Gibson , Robert J. Sawyer, and Elisabeth Vonarburg (to name a few). Tesseracts Fifteen is the sixteenth volume in the series. The entire series includes Tesseracts One through Fifteen, and Tesseracts Q, which features translations of works by some of Canada's top francophone writers of science fiction and fantasy. "Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories", edited by John Robert Colombo and Brett Alexander Savory will be released in October, 2010. Tesseracts Fourteen features innovative short stories and poetry by 23 of Canada’s finest speculative fiction writers.