Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Tesseracts: A Mini-interview with Nicole Luiken

In our second mini-interview "On the Fourth Day of Tesseracts", we spoke to Tesseracts 15 author Nicole Luiken.

TT: What is your name?

Nicole: Nicole Luiken

TT:  Thanks for joining us Nicole. As you know our T15 authors are located throughout Canada. Where in Canada are you?

Nicole: Edmonton, AB

TT:  What is the name of your story in T15?

Nicole: Feral

TT:  Could you please share a summary of your story without spoilers?

Nicole: Though born into a werewolf pack, Chloe has yet to have her first Change and fears she's a Dud.  Then she meets a feral werewolf with the opposite problem...

TT:  What is the first sentence of your story?

Nicole: Half-hidden in the trees, a werewolf paced her.

TT:  What do you love the most about this (or being in this) anthology?

Nicole: In having a story in Tesseracts I feel like I've joined a secret club.  (My husband had a story in Tesseracts 7)

TT: In order to change each of the interviews, we have given each of the authors an opportunity to write their own last questions, or choose from a list sent to them.

Nicole: How do you write with a preschooler in the house?  I sneak writing time.  Dad's turn to get up with the kids? Twenty minutes of editing time (or, okay, sleep)  Preschooler listening to a CD or watching a DVD?  Boot up the netbook.  Kids in bed for the night?  Time to write.  Though, I have to say, I REALLY miss nap time.

What is your main writing process?  I always have a couple of ideas brewing in the back of my brain.  Once I decide to turn one into a novel, I brainstorm scenes and bits of dialogue and character snippets until they hit critical mass.  Then I do at least a rough outline and pound out a quick first draft.  I sometimes let my novels 'rest' between drafts and chase a shiny new idea.  When I get back to the first draft I decide what parts stay and what parts of the plot need to be rejiggered.  I do a mostly plot-oriented second draft, then a scene-by-scene polishing and third draft.  Then its off to get critiqued and it may need one or two more drafts after that.  (Five is average for me.)

TT: Thanks Nicole for dropping by.

To our readers: If you have a question that you would like Nicole to answer, please comment in the space below.

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