Thursday, November 21, 2013

EDGE Announces The Eighteen Days of Tesseracts Festival

Join us for the next 18 days as we celebrate "The Eighteen Days of Tesseracts Festival".

Why 18 days you ask?  The current edition, Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast is actually the 18th book in this long standing Canadian Speculative Fiction series.  For those of you discovering the series for the first time, here are the past and current anthologies in the series. Over the next 18 Days we will be featuring authors from the current Tesseracts anthology on our Totally Tesseracts blog , and step back in time on our  our Facebook page, to take a look at the previous books in the series:

For more information about any of the titles mentioned below please visit

Each year we choose a team of editors from among the best of Canada’s writers, publishers and critics to select innovative and futuristic fiction and poetry from the leaders and emerging voices in Canadian speculative fiction. We are pleased to acknowledge the editors from all of the Tesseracts series.

Tesseracts -edited by Judith Merril
Tesseracts2 - edited by Phyllis Gotlieb & Douglas Barbour

Tesseracts3 - edited by Candas Jane Dorsey & Gerry Truscott

Tesseracts4 - edited by Lorna Toolis & Michael Skeet

Tesseracts5 - edited by Robert Runté & Yves Meynard

Tesseracts6 - edited by Robert J. Sawyer & Carolyn Clink

Tesseracts7 - edited by Paula Johanson & Jean-Louis Trudel

Tesseracts8 - edited by John Clute & Candas Jane Dorsey

Tesseracts Nine - edited by Nalo Hopkinson and Geoff Ryman

Tesseracts Ten - edited by Robert Charles Wilson and Edo Van Belkom
Tesseracts Eleven - edited by Cory Doctorow and Holly Phillips

Tesseracts Twelve - edited by Claude Lalumière

Tesseracts Thirteen - edited by Nancy Kilpatrick & David Morrell

Tesseracts 14
  - edited by John Robert Colombo & Brett Alexander Savory

Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales
  - edited by Julie Czerneda & Susan MacGregor

Tesseracts Sixteen:Parnassus Unbound
  - edited by Mark Leslie
Tesseracts Seventeen:
 Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast
  - edited by Colleen Anderson and Steve Vernon

TesseractsQ - edited by Élisabeth Vonarburg & Jane Brierley

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