Saturday, November 23, 2013

On the 3rd Day of Tesseracts: Mark Leslie

Each day we will be featuring one or more authors from Tesseracts 17: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast.  In advance to this post, authors from the anthology were asked:

1. Name of their Tesseracts 17 contribution.
2. What it is about (without spoilers).
3. What inspired the story.

Our first mini interview is with Mark Leslie.

What is your full name? Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Where are you currently located? Hamilton, Ontario

What is the title of your story/poem in Tesseracts 17? “Hereinafter Referred to as the Ghost”

Can you give us a brief synopsis, without spoilers?
What if ghosts had to audition to be part of hauntings the same way that actors audition to play a role? And if all the legendary ghosts that we’ve heard about are played by “actor ghosts” since they don’t age, does something else happen that makes it harder for them to attain prestigious “leading” character roles after they’re been “acting” for a long time?

What inspired this work?
I was reading through what was supposed to be a simple contract between a writer and publisher, and was amused by the “legal speak” and the twists and nuances of the contract. As I thought about how I as a writer had seen contracts evolve over time, from simple “payment in copy” deals to more complex terms and conditions outlining royalty structures, I wondered at various other types of contracts -- my mind took a macabre turn, as if often does, and I imagined ghosts playing roles like actors, and wondered how they might land “contracts” for gigs. The story evolved from there as I wondered how an “aging” ghost actor might try to come to terms with no longer being in high demand, the way actors sometimes aged out of certain types of roles they could play.

What do you love best about Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast?
The editors. Both Steve and Colleen are talented writers and, as editors, they really did an amazing job of compiling and refining a superior collection of diverse material from across Canada. I know that, for me, they took what was a pretty good story and, with a dualing flash of red pens in hand, they asked tough questions, pointed out things that could be improved and helped me mould my story into something truly great.

Thanks for joining us.

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