Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fifth Day of Tesseracts: An Interview With Patrick Johanneson

Happy Fifth Day of Tesseracts! The Fifteen Days of Tesseracts event runs from November 20th until December 4th, 2010 and features an interview with one or more of the Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories authors every day on the Totally Tesseracts blog (  Our interview today is with Patrick Johanneson.
TT:What is your name?
PJ: Patrick Johanneson

TT: What is our current location:
PJ: Brandon, MB

TT: What is the name of your contribution to Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories?

PJ: "Heat Death" (Tesseracts 14)

TT: What inspired you to write your story?

PJ: I've always been fascinated with end states, entropy, eschatology,
life after death, things like that.  I wondered what would happen if
the gods persisted past the end of the human race -- would they
outlast Time itself?  What would they talk about, at the cold dead end
of the Universe?  And where would the malcontents fit in?

I wrote the story, and edited it quite a lot.  I didn't tailor it to
Tesseracts, specifically, but when I saw the call for entries for T14
-- "Strange Canadian Stories" -- I thought I'd give it a shot.

TT: Since this collection is about Strange Canadian Stories, what is one
of the strangest things that has ever happened to you personally?

PJ: When I was eight, we went to the Yukon for a summer trip.  I
personally found it very odd, having the sun stay up till midnight,
and rise again about 2 in the morning.  (Yeah, my life has been fairly

TT: Do you have a strange question you would like to ask other authors? This question will be part of the Bitten by Books interview on December 2nd/3rd at  Many of the authors have contributed questions and they will be posted and answered throughout the day during the event.

PJ: What's the oddest dream you've ever had?  Why?

TT: Thanks for joining us...

Patrick Johanneson grew up in small-town Canada, and now lives in
small-city Canada. He's an amateur writer, a professional  webmonkey,
and a judo instructor. He's been published online in InterText, and on
paper in OnSpec and, now, Tesseracts. Currently he's working on a
handful of projects: one novel about a young man's coming of age on a
backwater colony, one about a time-travel war spanning millions of
years, and one about sailors and the undead -- though, it must be
said, there are no zombies and few pirates in it.  He may be found on
the web at

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