Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the Eleventh Day of Tesseracts: An Interview With Susan Forest

TT: What is your name?
SF: Susan Forest

TT: What is your current location?
SF: Calgary, Alberta

TT: What is the name of your story in Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories?
SF: The Director's Cut
TT: What inspired you to write your story?
SF: I woke up in the middle of the night and came down stairs to my computer and wrote the entire first draft within a few hours.

TT: Since this collection is about Strange Canadian Stories, what is one
    of the strangest things that has ever happened to you personally?
SF: Three months after my father passed away, I was cross-country skiing, as I had often done with him in the past, and being out of shape, was somewhat behind the rest of my group, struggling to climb a hill with wax on my skis that didn't work. Clear as day, I knew my father was just behind me down the trail, smiling and encouraging me on to rejoin my group.

TT: Could you please send me a strange question you would like to ask
    other authors? We will use this as part of the Bitten by Books event, on Thursday December 2nd.
SF: Describe a time when your muse appeared to you in physical form.

SUSAN FOREST                                                                                            

Finalist for the 2009 the Prix Aurora Award in the Short Fiction category (for "Back," Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June, 2008) Susan Forest is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror and a member of SFWA. Her recent sales include short stories, "The Right Chemistry" (Summer 2010 issue of ONSPEC Magazine) and "The Director's Cut" (Tesseracts Fourteen), both eligible for the 2010 Prix Aurora Award. Her short story, "Orange," will appear in AE Science Fiction Review in the near future, and other stories have appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, ONSPEC, Tesseracts Ten, Tesseracts Eleven, and Legacy Magazine. She has appeared as a panelist at Denvention, Anticipation, World Fantasy (Calgary and Columbus) and other conventions. Her YA novel, The Dragon Prince, was awarded the Children's Circle Book Choice Award. You can check out her website at www.speculative-fiction.ca.

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