Friday, November 12, 2010

Send Us Your "Wild Card" Questions and You Could Win a Double Weekend Memberships to SF Contario

In preparation for the Fifteen Days of Tesseracts* event happening between November 20 and December 4th., we are looking for "Wild Card" questions to ask our "Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories"  authors.

Each day one or more author/editors will be interviewed by Totally Tesseracts.  That is where you come in...

What is a "Wild Card" question?

Since Tesseracts Fourteen is a book of Strange Canadian Stories - we welcome you to submit a unique and, well, downright strange question to ask one of our authors/editors as part of the interview.  Each day a new question will be selected, and featured, acknowledging the creator of the question. 

What's this about a contest?

As EDGE is a sponsor of SF Contario, we have some lovely double weekend memberships available to share.  These are non-refundable, and can be transferred to someone else if you win them but cannot actually come to the event itself...

Two entries will be randomly selected THIS Wednesday, November 17th to win Double Memberships for SF Contario happening in Toronto next weekend. This contest is open to anyone, including the authors of Tess 14.

Here is how the contest works:

  1. Make up a "wild card" question.
  2. Questions must be submitted by noon - 12:00 pm PST, on Wednesday, November 17th to
  3. Help us build up this blog - click the "follow" button on our blog (not mandatory but appreciated)
  4. 2 winners will be selected randomly from the submissions received.
  5. Winners will be notified via email, and will have their names posted on this blog and the EDGE Facebook page.
  6. Winners must provide name, address, and email address to EDGE which will be passed along to SF Contario for prize confirmation.
  7. Winners of the contest will be notified via email, with a coupon that must be presented to the front desk of SF Contario. - SF Contario will confirm the name, address and email address with the winner.
  8. Contest is open to everyone everywhere, unless prohibited in the province/state where you live.
  9. The winner must provide their own transportation to SF Contario, and the prize cannot be exchanged for any other items.

What ARE the Fifteen Days of Tesseracts?
"The Fifteen Days of Tesseracts" is an online/offline event which runs between November 20th and December 4th, with interviews, and celebrations that include Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories.  The event starts with "All Tesseracts Eve"...

The "All Tesseracts Eve" event, which happens on November 19th from 7- 9 pm at SF Contario, will be the official launch of "The Fifteen Days of Tesseracts". All those who either are in Tesseracts Fourteen, other editions of Tesseracts, or simply enjoy Tesseracts, and other works of EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing are invited to attend.  You will hear readings from Tesseracts Fourteen, and if you are a Tesseracts author/editor from one of the other editions, are welcome to bring something to read from your anthology.  If time allows, there will be an opportunity for you to read.  Hosted by Tesseracts Fourteen author, David Nickle, the short, informal event will showcase both Tesseracts Fourteen, and the new releases from EDGE.

Each day during November 20th and December 4th, 1 or more author or editor will be featured on this "Totally Tesseracts" blog.  For the most part, the same questions will be asked of each author, however a daily Wild Card question will be selected from questions submitted by all of you.

"Fifteen Days of Tesseracts" is so named because Tesseracts Fourteen: Strange Canadian Stories, edited by John Robert Colombo and Brett Alexander Savory, is the Fifteenth edition of the all-Canadian speculative anthology which includes Tesseracts One through Fourteen and Tesseracts Q, (featuring English translations of Franco-Canadian authors).  This was a great excuse to celebrate the anthology, the entire Tesseracts anthology, and works of our authors for 15 days through online events, contests, interviews and some whopper offline events, like EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing's 10th Anniversary Steam & Steel Social, happening on the First Day of Tesseracts, November 20th, at the Aerospace Museum.  For details visit our website at

Please watch this blog for the announcement of the 15 Days of Tesseracts Schedule...


  1. We're grateful for the support that EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing has given to SFContario, and we are looking forward to the book launch on Friday. Information about the convention, including our program schedule, can be found on our web site at, and for those of you who don't win the memberships we've given to EDGE for this promotion, you can register online.

    (I've been asked to mention that we call these "memberships", not "passes" since we're a non-profit group, not a commercial gate show. Many of us consider this an important distinction, and a few people consider it important enough to make sure we explain it everywhere. ;) )

  2. Thanks Avt-tor - I made the changes on the blog post so that we are calling the memberships the correct thing. We are very proud to be sponsors of SFContario, and look forward to being a part of this exciting event.